Attention…it’s time to report to duty! Enlist now for your tactical training!

Recruit your friends and create your teams. Take control and be the leader of your squad!

An exciting, thrilling and stimulating experience for children ages 6 and up. Teens and adults will love the competitive environment as they battle together against their opponents!

Your new family entertainment centre is now open!

Flashpoint Laser Tag has a totally new and awesome looking facility located “upstairs” at 162 Queen Street, Chatham. Grab some friends today and come check us out!


About Zig Zag Escape Rooms

New & Exciting

Our escape cabins are the first of their kind!  Not only are we the only escape room in Huntsville but we are also the first ‘Escape Cabins’ in Canada.  Come and submerge yourself in the story, solve puzzles, codes, clues and problems and discover hidden secrets.

For All Ages

Our escape cabins have something for everyone.  Our family games have been specifically designed to engage all ages from 10 and up.  The games remain challenging but with a twist to ensure all can remain involved and enthusiastic throughout the adventure. 

Team Building

Working together is a large part of what we are all about! There is a huge emphasis on teamwork as you and your friends/family work together to conquer some of our toughest challenges.  Our escape rooms provide an excellent way to get individuals working together.

Catch The Craze

How many times have you been out to the movies?  How about trying something new in Huntsville instead? Reconnect with family members by booking our family escape room version, or get together with friends for a game and have some fun with us.


Primarily for children’s entertainment. When one or more experienced players gets an increased number of hit points; they become a Juggernaut. The other players are the hunters. The goal of hunters is to “eliminate” all of the Juggernauts before time runs out.


Zombie Apocalypse

Zombie mode is set on 3-5 experienced player’s weapons. The number of hits to a Zombie Player is two times more than and the damage of the zombie player’s weapons is less than normal players.


Vampires vs. Zombies

Players are divided into two teams: VAMPIRES and ZOMBIES. The eliminated players in each team have a revive cool down. This means after they have been eliminated and revived the player changes to the opposite team.



In this scenario, two teams are fighting for the domination point. At the beginning of the game, teams are separated to the opposite sides of the location where the respawn devices of each team are situated.



Each team is assigned a base station with a Domination Point placed in the center of their area. A Respawn is placed a certain distance from the Point but not in the line of sight and fire.



There are two teams in this scenario. The Assault team and the Defence team.


Domination Deathmatch

As in the Death match scenario, this scenario is played without revival. It can be played between from 2 to 4 teams.


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