Number of Players: Min 6 / Max 12
Age Range: 6+
Game Difficulty:
Game Time: 15 minutes


There are two teams in this scenario. The Assault team and the Defence team.

A Domination point is mounted in the center of the assault point. The point is set to one teams colour for a 7 minute count.

8 hit points are added to the Defence team and they are prohibited from using the respawn device.

The Defence Team players will occupy a defensive position within the arena.

A respawn device is installed near to the assault point, and the Assault team are allowed to use as often as required. Players of Assault Team start the game from their respawn device.

Game process

Just after the start signal, a member of the Defence team players shoots the Domination point changing it to their colour. The Domination point begins to count the 7 minute holding time.

The purpose of the Defence team – is not to let the Assault team get to the Point. The purpose of the Assault team – to paint (capture) the Point within the allotted time. If the Point is not captured (repainted) by the Assault team, it beeps and flashes with the colour of the Defence team.


If the Point has been captured (repainted) within 7 minutes by the Assault team they win. If the Assault team failed to repaint the Point, and after 7 minutes, the point began to flash with the colour of the Defence team, then the Defence team wins. After that the playing scenario teams swap their roles.

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