Number of Players: Min 4 / Max 12
Age Range: 6+
Game Difficulty:
Game Time: 15 minutes


Each team is assigned a base station with a Domination Point placed in the center of their area. A respawn is placed a certain distance from the Point but not in the line of sight and fire.

Game process

Each Domination Point is set with a neutral colour. Both teams take up a defence at their bases and start a game from their Domination Point with full hit points.

The goal is to capture (paint) the foreign Domination Point while not allowing the enemy team capture their Point.

The players of each team can respawn (reload) their life an unlimited number of times, but it can only be done with their teams respawn device.

The winner is the team that first captured the enemy’s Point. If neither of the teams manage to take the enemy’s point within the allowed time the game ends in a draw.

This scenario is usually played if you have a large number of experienced laser tag players who know this location. Experienced players are needed because this scenario requires the development of minor tactics (formation and location of defense players, creating usually several battle groups, planning of the route to the enemy’s headquarters, coordination of capturing of the enemy’s Point, etc.)

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