Number of Players: Min 6 / Max 12
Age Range: 6+
Game Difficulty:
Game Time: 15 minutes


Zombie mode is set on 3-5 experienced player’s weapons.

The number of hits to a Zombie Player is two times more than and the damage of the zombie player’s weapons is less than normal players.

The pre-sets of equipment are adjusted in such a way that:

  • If an ordinary player “eliminates” the zombie, the zombie automatically goes out of the game.
  • If a zombie “eliminates” an ordinary player, then the player goes out of the game for 30 seconds, and then their equipment automatically turns to Zombie mode and they become a zombie. Within these 30 seconds, the players’ equipment makes a sound of a zombie growl.

The Winner

The game ends when one side wins. Either all players are turned into zombies or “live” players “eliminate” all the zombies.

This scenario is very interesting and gives a great amount of adrenalin, because it has a lot of unexpected moments. For example, a neighbour with whom you just went and hid on his side of the location can be eliminated and turned into a zombie. If you have not noticed this, he can “eliminate” you in just 30 seconds.

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